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I am now based out of New Mexico. Please do not contact me regarding anything around the Portland, Oregon area.


One of the first things you will notice about Portland Ghosts is that for the most part I conduct all research and investigations alone and without a team. I do this for multiple reasons that I go into much more detail about in my Wordpress articles which can be accessed from the menu on the right. I don't show up wearing a Portland Ghosts shirt with a bunch of people and cases of equipment. I prefer to go into a space alone with basically what fits in my pockets. I do things almost exactly the opposite of what you see on television. Since relocating to New Mexico my research has a lot more to do with the UFO phenomena than spirits. Click here to learn more about what Portland Ghosts is all about.


PPI - Investigations


Portland Paranormal Investigations has been put to pasture and replaced with Portland Ghosts and Desert Highlands Paranormal Research both based out of New Mexico. Instead, I now focus more on research than what is generally termed investigations. While I am not against spending time in supposedly haunted locations, I'm not actively seeking them for the most part and will only do so if a very compelling request comes my way.

Desert Highlands Paranormal Research

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Desert Highlands Paranormal Research consists of myself and the co-founder. Based out of New Mexico, our focus is on both the paranormal and UFO/ET research. We will do investigations if a place sounds compelling enough, but our main focus is on UFO's. We are interested in the history of the desert southwest from the ancient Anasazi up to the present. Together we have a combined 50+ years researching the paranormal, inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial.











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Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding research, investigations or any other inquiries.

E-mail: info@portlandghosts.com